Serox Quality Policy

  • Safety and quality of the products we sell are kept on as Serox bring all kinds of material.
  • Serox offer the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.
  • Serox, Manufacturers of high quality products for clients in private.
  • Serox; quality, planning, aims to increase productivity by improving cooperation and coordination approach. learn more →

Serox Price Advantage

  • Serox, detail and determine the precise working method for product selection and pricing.
  • Serox is basing on three main elements of the high discount concept;
  • Decision-making by creating a dynamic logistics and information network with a centralized organizational structure-practice processes to accelerate, learn more →

Serox Supply and Delivery

  • Supply with stock products; request these materials are made available from the reception and storage of materials.
  • To supply you with the catalog products; demand subject material, Purchase Agreement for Public Sales from suppliers, are available under the Protocol and Framework greements. learn more →